TPLF to Pass Final Decision on EPRDF Merger Soon

By Staff Reporter

TPLF-EPRDFJanuary 2, 2020 ( -- The Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) is set to pass a final decision on the merger of the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) and the formation of the Prosperity Party (PP) following an urgent meeting to be held shortly.

A letter signed by the front’s political affairs head Alem Gebrewahed noted that the urgent meeting will take place next Saturday and Sunday in Mekele city and will decide on the merger of the EPRDF as well as the way forward for the TPLF.

Except for the TPLF, the three founding members of the EPRDF and five affiliate regional political parties have merged to form the Prosperity Party last month, replacing the EPRDF as the ruling party. The TPLF strongly opposed the move.

In a recent public conference in Mekele City, Debertsion Gebermichael, the TPLF chair rejected the decision to disband the EPRDF, which he said came into existence by huge sacrifices largely from the people of Tigray. “We cannot sit and see when officials continue cheating our people,” Debretsion said.

In what seemed a response to TPLF leaders, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said it is impossible to disprove the very idea of the Prosperity Party and win the way it works for the next 50 to 60 years.

“Any party will have a place to exist in Ethiopia not by accusing the Prosperity Party but by advancing its ideas. Excessive sabotage, as President Xi said, is no acceptable in Ethiopia,” said Abiy at end of the Addis Ababa youth meeting that discussed the guiding principles of the PP.

The Prime Minister said any political party that wants to administer Ethiopia would get the will of the people only out of ballot box and he advised the youth to strive for true democracy.

“One needs to work hard, abstain from theft and serve all in goodwill to administer the people of Ethiopia. The period during which we were deceived has gone,” the premier added.

In what looks like an election campaign, the premier said vote for the Prosperity Party if you like and don’t vote PP if you are not interested in, but never give your life to any political party.

It is unlikely that the TPLF will accept the EPRDF merger and join the Prosperity Party based on previous decisions of its central and executive committees and a resolution passed by a recent public conference the TPLF organized in Mekele city in northern Ethiopia.

 “The prosperity party formed under the pretext of merger and the philosophy “Medemer” violates our rights and, in the end, will destroy the multinational and federal system of government we have and institute a unitary government based on geography,” participants of the public conference said in their resolution.

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