TPLF Issues Warning on Dismissal of TPLF Officials from Federal Posts

By Staff Reporter

TPLF-issues-statementJanuary 22, 2020 ( -- The Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) issued a warning stating that the federal government will be held accountable for any crisis that may occur in the future following “unwarranted actions” of dismissing TPLF officials from posts in the federal government and Addis Ababa administrative structures.

“Leaders of TPLF and its members have been sacked from their posts in Federal and Addis Ababa administrations. The removal from their offices is totally unacceptable. These deliberate and other unwarranted actions need to be rectified immediately. Otherwise, the party which is engaged in these illegal activities will be held accountable for any crisis that will follow,” TPLF’s statement reads

TPLF’s statement comes a day after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Wednesday dismissed Deputy Chair of the TPLF Fetlework Gebreegziabher as Minister of Trade and Industry and a cabinet member of the federal government.

The statement recalled that the Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) was abolished illegally and replaced by a new party due to differing political ideas among its member parties.

Fetlework Gebreegziabher, also known as Monjorino, who has been serving as Minister of Trade and Industry, was replaced for undisclosed reasons by Melaku Alebel, a former minister of trade.

"The TPLF has been calling for the rectification of the “illegal and anti-democratic moves” by the leadership in Addis Ababa and prevent the nation from disintegration," the statement said.

“The leadership in Addis Ababa, however, has not been willing to listen, let alone accept TPLF’s demands. It established a governing political party which is not elected by the people of the country. Following the urgent public meeting, the TPLF preferred autonomy and refused to merge with the new party,” it said

Even though we differ politically, the TPLF respects and adheres to its rights and obligations based on the constitution of the country until the forthcoming elections. Hence, the goals and programs of EPRDF need to be respected until the next elections," the statement continued.

According to the statement, the people of Ethiopia elected member parties of EPRDF and only those parties are eligible to form a government and lead the country.

“Establishing a new party which is not elected by the people of Ethiopia is tantamount to destroying the constitution and rejecting the will of the Ethiopian public,” the statement added.

Fetlework Gebreegziabher was the most senior member of TPLF leadership in Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's cabinet. Until its demise, she was also the head of organizational affairs inside the EPRDF.

Even before this statement, the dismissal of Fetlework was believed to have been done against the wishes of the TPLF, which, according to earlier reports, had warned against such moves following the dissolution of the EPRDF and the creation of the Prosperity Party (PP). The TPLF bitterly opposed the creation of the PP to replace the EPRDF. The organization is now outside the governing party and threatens to fight back from its base in Tigray.

It is unknown what measures the TPLF can or will take given its dramatically reduced control and influence over any national institutions and the fact that it depends on the federal government for a lot of its day-to-day activities. It is also unknown to what extent the people of Tigray will follow it given the widespread disillusionment there with its performance during nearly three decades in power.

The TPLF concluded its emergency congress earlier this month, involving some 1500 participants. The emergency congress was held for the first time in its history this year. The TPLF congress denounced the newly created PP as illegal and accused it of planning to destroy federalism. It also vowed to fight along with other like-minded forces and pursue more autonomy if necessary.

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