TPLF Senior Members Dismissed due to Poor Performance: Prosperity Party

By Staff Reporter

Prosperity-Party-LogoJanuary 24, 2020 ( -- The Deputy Chairperson of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) Fetelework Gebreegziabher was dismissed as Minister of Trade and Industry and member of the Ethiopian cabinet due to poor performance and insubordination, a senior official of the prosperity party has said.

In an interview with VOA Amharic, Awelu Abdi, Head of Public and Foreign Relation of the Prosperity Party, said the dismissal of Fetelework and Solomon Kidane, another TPLF member who was Transport Bureau Head in the Addis Ababa city administration with a rank of Deputy Mayor, has nothing to do with the ethnicity or the political party they represent.

In a statement issued recently, TPLF accused the leadership in Addis Ababa of sacking senior members of TPLF from posts in federal and Addis Ababa city administrations because of their TPLF membership, including Fetlework Gebreegziabher as Minister of Trade and Industry.

TPLF demanded rectification of what it called “unwarranted actions” by Addis Ababa and warned the governing party that it will be responsible for any crisis that will follow.

“The officials were fired due to their failure to discharge responsibilities up to the expectations and guiding principles of the Prosperity Party. They tend to be insubordinate, take extended time to carry out small tasks and usually fail to adhere to their rights and obligations," he said

 “Under-performance, indisposition, and apathy were some of the deeds the sacked officials have exhibited on top of creating hurdles in carrying out their jobs. It is up to the governing party to take corrective measures while there are limitations, Awelu said.

TPLF members with outstanding performance in the federal government would be promoted to ministerial levels. TPLF members who are serving the nation at the ministerial levels will stay in office as long as they deliver up to expectations but sacked otherwise, Awelu added.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's recent appointments also include Getahun Mekuria (Ph.D.) as Minister of Education and former TPLF member Abraham Belay, (Ph.D.) as Minister of Innovation and Technology, replacing Getahun Mekuria.

It is to be recalled that, in a statement it released earlier this week, the TPLF said the people of Ethiopia elected member parties of the EPRDF and only those parties are eligible to form a government and lead the country.

“Establishing a new party which was not elected by the people of Ethiopia is tantamount to destroying the constitution and rejecting the will of the Ethiopian public,” the TPLF statement noted

“In fact, the EPRDF is an elected party but turned into PP after the merger of the founding and allied political parties. TPLF withdrew itself from the PP and remained a regional party. The merger and formation of the Prosperity Party was done based on legal procedures and rules and regulations of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia. Hence, the claim by TPLF is futile," Awelu added.

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