Conspiracy Politics Poses Greatest Challenge to Our Sovereignty: PM Abiy

By Staff Reporter

Abiy-Ahmed-HPRFebruary 4, 2020 ( -- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Ethiopia has faced the greatest challenge ever due to the ongoing conspiracy politics in the country and the unfolding planned terror attacks.

Responding to questions of MPs on Monday, Abiy blamed advocates of conspiracy politics for the unfolding lawlessness occurring in different parts of the country.

He said the conspiracy politics remains to be a big challenge for the government to maintain the rule of law until institutions capable of deterring those plots are established.

The Prime Minister did not elaborate on what reports he found to be conspiracy theories, or whether he meant Ethiopians should not ask about major events happening in the country.

The Prime Minister said the government has managed to thwart various terror threats, including planned attacks from al-Shabaab.

Abiy assured the MPs that his government would crack down on conspiracy politics network and overcome its subsequent challenges in the process.

He said the country witnessed diminished security problems overtime except in west Wellega of Oromia regional state.

“Two armed groups cannot exist in a country and the government will be taking all the necessary measures to ensure the rule of law and maintain peace in the region,” he added.

Asked about his recent decision related to the dismissal of Tigryan officials if it had anything to do with ethnicity, the premier claimed no ethnic Tigray officials were dismissed from federal posts due to their identity.

“There are 10 ethnic Tigray state ministers, one minister and a speaker of the house of federation but none of them were sacked because of their identity,” Abiy recalled

“As the governing body, the prosperity party is entitled to do what it wants. Likewise, the Prime Minister can form a new cabinet if he believes it is necessary. Otherwise, you can unseat the Prime Minister,” Abiy Ahmed said

The premier rubbished the claim that the federal government has cornered the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF). He said the people of Tigray and that of TPLF have a big role to play in Ethiopia’s politics and the development of the nation.

Speaking about the recent talks between Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam project, Abiy assured the parliament that there will be no negotiation that compromises Ethiopian national interest.

However, he did not give any clue whether Egypt and Ethiopia are on the same page as far as the filling and operation of the dam are concerned.

However, he expressed his feeling that he believes the talks will conclude within a short period of time even though the Ethiopian Ambassador to the United States Fitsum Arega thinks otherwise.

He said the government has managed to regain about $29.9 million which was embezzled by government officials in the previous years. He also said that the effort to reclaim embezzled money has faced challenges as governments of some foreign countries are not cooperative.

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