TPLF Accuses the Prosperity Party for Becoming Dictatorial

By Staff Reporter

TPLFFebruary 17, 2020 ( -- The Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) has accused the Prosperity Party (PP) of turning into an absolute dictatorial regime and committing a series of offenses against citizens.

In a statement, the TPLF said that the government has infringed on democratic activities and narrowed the political space by detaining journalists and members of different political parties.

“The past 27 years were not 'bad times' as claimed by our enemies. Rather, the people of Ethiopia enjoyed peace, democracy, and development during those times.” the statement noted

The statement further noted that the country is at a crossroads where the constitution, rule of law and federal system has been violated while the peaceful lives of people and their unity are eroded.

“Following the disbanding of the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in an illegal way and the formation of Prosperity Party (PP), the government fired TPLF members from posts in federal and Addis Ababa City administrations,” TPLF recalled.

The country’s consecutive growth has been curtailed after the government abandoned the developmental democratic governance, said the TPLF, which claimed the nation’s sovereignty is highly compromised by foreign powers more than at any time in recent history.

In the same statement, the TPLF also called on the Eritrean people to join hands for common development.

The statement recalled that the peoples of Tigray and Eritrea were engaged in unnecessary conflicts in the past in which both peoples paid scarifies for nothing.

“Now let us (Tigray and Eritrea) commit together to maintain our common benefits and historical friendship for common development," the TPLF asked the Eritrean people.

Despite repeated effort by the TPLF to reconcile, the Eritrean leader, Isaias Afewerki, remains very critical and dismissal of the TPLF. On many occasions, he did not hide his wish to see the TPLF defunct. Earlier this month, he accused the TPLF of being the source of the ethnic conflicts Ethiopia is facing today. Calling it the “failed political group” in Tigray, he also blamed it for becoming an obstacle to border demarcation per the boundary ruling, which the TPLF responded by saying it is ready to negotiate as part of a comprehensive settlement.

Meanwhile, thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Jigjiga city, the seat of the Somali state, and west Harargae in eastern Ethiopia in support of the ruling Prosperity Party.

The demonstrations followed similar rallies in Adama and Jimma cities where tens of thousands of people expressed their support for the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The demonstrators appreciated the reform measures taken by the government, which they claimed resulted in a more inclusive distribution of power among the peoples residing in the Somali regional state.

“We support the reform being undertaken by the Prosperity Party,” chanted the demonstrators who carried slogans that read “Diversity for prosperity"; "Prosperity for All and All for prosperity."

Residents of the 15 districts in the west Harargae zone also rallied in support of the leadership of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

The zone’s communication affairs bureau said the demonstrators have donated money, cattle, and camels to the prosperity party.

The demonstrators called on the prosperity party to maintain equality of people and fair political participation of all people in the zone.  

Ethiopia is planning to hold national elections in August 2020. Some areas are expected to be hotly contested than others, including in Oromia where several competing forces have sprung up, some armed. Rallies and counter-rallies are expected to take place in the coming months. Some observers and political parties fear violence and have asked for the postponement of the elections.

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