House Appoints Four Ministers; TPLF Denounces as “Ethnic-Biased”

By Staff Reporter

AppointmentsMarch 12, 2020 ( -- The House Peoples Representative, in its 5th tenure and 14th regular session, on Thursday approved the appointments of four ministers nominated by the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

Accordingly, Adanech Abiebie who was serving as Minister of Revenue was appointed as Attorney General, Dr Lia Tadesse as Minister of Health, Lake Ayalew as Minister of Revenues, and Filsen Abdulahi as Minister of Women, Children, and Youth.

Adanech Abiebie replaces former Attorney General, Birhanu Tsegaye, who has been the subject of criticism on numerous occasions. Birhanu Tsegaye left his position following his recent appointment as an ambassador alongside 14 other officials.

Filsen Abdulahi replaces Yalem Tsegaye the former Minister of Women, Children & Youth, who was the last remaining senior member of the TPLF leadership in the federal government.

Adaneche’s previous post at ministry of revenue has also been filled by Lake Ayalew, a former acting governor of Amhara regional state.

The appointments, however, were highly opposed and criticized by MPs from the Tigray region who referred them as “ethnic-biased” and showcases the premier’s intent of establishing Tigrayn free federal government.

“The appointments are being done in rush without considering the knowledge and capabilities of the appointees, the MPs said adding they doubted if the new and prior appointees would be good leaders, capable of extricating the nation out of poverty.

They argued that the appointments and replacement of ministers are being made every six months and that showed that the government is on “shaky ground”

The Tigray MPs also said the appointments have neglected TPLF and Tigrayans nationals who are denied federal posts against the country’s constitution and the federal system.

They further said the appointments are intended to snatch the resources the TPLF has accumulated over the past 27 years.

In a counter-response, those MPs who supported the PM’s nominations said “the appointments of the new ministers are intended to retrieve the country’s resources which were embezzled by former officials.”

Tesfaye Daba, one of the MPs from Oromia region said the appointment is fair and Dr, Liya Tadesse Gebremedhin is Tigrayan national.

He said unlike the past, the current Prime Minister is exercising his constitutional rights and does not wait for the approval of the country’s national intelligence security service for appointments of ministers.

Finally, the House approved the appointment of the officials with a majority vote and 21 against - all Tigrayan MPs.

The House also approved the appointment of Tsegaye Arage as Commissioner of the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC) with a majority vote, 11 against and six abstentions.

Meanwhile, the ruling prosperity party is set to hold a fundraising event next Saturday at the millennium hall in Addis Ababa in an attempt to become a financially strong party.

Investors, scholars and high-level government officials of the PP will be attending the fundraising event that will be accompanied by a dinner reception, learned.

The ruling prosperity party reportedly has been soliciting funds from financial institutions, business establishments, and communal associations. It is not clear if these parties were making the contributions under pressure or willingly.

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