OLF Militants Kill 12 Policemen in Southern Ethiopia

By Staff Reporter

OLF-SheneMay 21, 2020 (Ezega.com) -- Militants of the rebel Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) have killed 12 policemen in the Guji zone of Oromia regional state in southern Ethiopia, deputy administrator of the zone has disclosed.

“12 members of the Oromia special police force were killed in a fight that took place in Gumi locality of Guji zone against members of the rebel Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), deputy administrator of the Guji zone Malicha Dika told the BBC Amharic service.

The Oromia regional government has admitted that there is ongoing fighting between government security forces and OLF militants in Sebabiru, Goro Dola, and Shakiso districts of the Zone.

Even though OLF returned to Ethiopia in mid-September 2018 for peaceful political struggle, significant members of its soldiers engaged in militant activities to pursue radicalism.

The government had been accusing OLF faction led by Daud Ibssa, which opted for peaceful struggle, of having strong links with the OLF rebel force whose fighters are charged with killing government officials in western and southern Ethiopia.

Daud denied the allegation that OLF has had links with the rebel force but it is readying to take part in the upcoming elections.

He had blamed the government for failing to implement “agreement” – a reference to talks between the government and OLF in Asamara which led to the cessation of hostility with the Ethiopian government sometime in August of in 2018.

The government dismissed OLF’s allegations of breaching any agreement. It said there was no special agreement with OLF.

The government had invited all opposition forces to return to the country for a peaceful struggle and no opposition party need to be armed to carry out a peaceful struggle.

According to the deputy administrator, the rebel force has been causing sufferings on the people in the area. “Farmers can not cultivate lands as pastoral communities can rear cattle as rebel force is engaged in killing and kidnapping people”.

The fighting between the government forces including national defense force and the rebel OLF has been going since late 2018 and undisclosed numbers of soldiers were killed from both sides, the deputy administrator added.

Three months ago, Deputy chief of staff of the Ethiopian defense force Berhanu Jula said his force had cleared the Guji zone from OLF militants in a massive operation.

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