At Least 90 Ethiopian Health Workers Tested Positive for COVID-19

By Staff Reporter

Health-workersJune 8, 2020 ( -- At least 90 Ethiopian health workers have tested positive for the novel coronavirus as the number of citizens infected by the pandemic rises to 2020 across the country.

The health workers contracted the virus from outgoing patients in various health centers across the country, Minister of Health Dr. Lia Tadesse said in a daily briefing.

Dr, Lia said most of the cases which make up 91 percent of the total infections among the health community are in Addis Ababa.

The pandemic has already claimed the lives of 27 Ethiopians and seven deaths, the highest ever was reported on Sunday.

According to the health minister, 86 percent of the health workers did not show any symptoms of the disease and 55 percent of them are female.

Out of 2340 health workers in Addis Abab, 1727 reportedly have been exposed to the pandemic during last March, she said has witnessed the closure of few health centers in Addis Ababa after the pandemic was diagnosed with the medical community.

Dr. Lia also expressed concern over increasing infections by coronavirus against outgoing patients in health centers which are largely working on maternal and child health services.

The health professionals who are currently battling COVID-19 at the Eka Kotebe Hospital that is serving as the major coronavirus treatment center in Addis Ababa complained over the absence of adequate protective materials, a critic the Minister of Health had admitted.

Dr. Lia said the country will require at least 130 million medical face masks over the next four months.

She recalled that the number of face masks available in the country at the start of the outbreak was only 4 million.

As one of the incentives, the government of Ethiopia last month announced the provision of life insurance converges to health care professionals and members of supporting staff who are battling with COVID 19 pandemic in the country.

Accordingly, health professionals working in quarantine facilities, laboratories, emergency response team, and related divisions are privileged from the life insurance.

Sanitary workers, ambulance drives, and others who are in the front-line of the fight against the pandemic also benefit from life insurance.

Meanwhile, some patients at the Eka Kotebe Hospital have complained over the meal and sanitation services as well as over matters of blood test results.

Other than the Eka Kotebe Hospital, the Millennium Hall is also known as “Makeshift Hospital” is now admitting patients of COVID-19. The Makeshift Hospital accommodates 1000 patients and currently more than quarter its beds are full.

The spread of coronavirus in Ethiopia is growing fast with 86 cases were reported on Sunday bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 2020, with an overall test count of 142,960.

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