Ethiopian Premier Hopes to Resolve Disagreement between PP, TPLF Soon

By Staff Reporter  

PM-Abiy-Ahmed-PP-TPLFJuly 28, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is optimistic that the worsening political relations between his administration and the governing party of Tigray will be resolved soon.

In an interview with Fana Tigrigna language, Abiy said the people of Tigray have had a major role in Ethiopia’s politics starting from the country’s formation.

According to the premier, the ongoing harsh political relations between the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) and Tigrayan People's Liberation Front (TPLF) had to do with the reform and subsequent disagreement that was exacerbated by external forces.

Abiy called on the people of Tigray to stand in unison with Chairman of TPLF Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael who wants to resolve the political disagreement between TPLF and PP peacefully.

As to the premier, the Tigray administered media had a negative role in fueling the unrest in different parts of Ethiopia following the death of artist Hachalu Hundessa.

“The measure taken by the Ethiopian Broadcast Authority against those media was necessary to rescue the nation from looming crisis,” he continued.

“The ban against those media will not last long and the measure taken was not meant to deny the Tigrayan people the right to freedom of speech,” he stressed.

He said TPLF leaders must allow the rule of law to be maintained and democracy to flourish in Tigray region.

Speaking about the election, Abiy said the election was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic even though the government was prepared well to conduct the elections.

“It is surprising that TPLF decided to conduct regional elections alone at a cost of millions of birr amid spreading coronavirus infections. It is very difficult to understand why it decided to do so," he added.

The premier said nothing as to what the federal government will do if the Tigray region conducts the election against the resolution passed by the House of Federation.

“It is advisable that the Tigray government uses those millions of birr for sinking groundwater in Axum and other Tigray zones where a shortage of water is severe. They can also use the money for building hospitals or schools,” he commented.

The federal government will never meddle over matters of regional issues. But this does not mean that the federal government will pass over its responsibility. It will conduct responsibility in line with the constitution, the premier added.

The Prime Minister further said the federal government did not reduce the budget of the Tigray region. It has no intention to do so.

Speaking about the federal government's relationship with the government in Eritrea, Abiy said the two governments re-established good relations especially on issues of diplomacy and security matters.

He said the Tigray region will also benefit from the improving relations between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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