Oromo Political Parties Accuse Government of Hunting Their Members

By Staff Reporter

OFC-detained-membersAugust 2, 2020 (Ezega.com) -- Ethnic Oromo political parties have accused the Ethiopian government of hunting and detaining their leaders, members, and supporters in different parts of the Oromia region.

The political parties also blamed the government for shutting down their offices in east Wellega, Horo Gudru Wellega, west Wellega, east Harargae, east Arsi, and North Shoa zones.

Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) leader Professor Merera Gudina said the security forces have detained several members and supporters of OFC for no obvious reason especially at places where the opposition party enjoyed landslide victory during the 2005 general elections.

“The federal police will continue apprehending those government officials and members and leaders of opposition political parties who are allegedly involved in the recent unrest in Oromia towns,” Fikadu Tsegaw Legal and Trans-boundary Crimes Prevention Director with the office of Federal Attorney-General told local media.

Currently, members of the federal police have been deployed in Oromia region and hunting down those individuals who were allegedly involved in the killing of more than 200 civilians largely from ethnic Amhara.

The government has seemingly lost hope on some members of Oromia police after failing to put the killings and torching of buildings under control during the latest violence in Oromia towns.

During a discussion with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, leaders of opposition political parties demanded Abiy’s government to release their members as well as maintain law and order.

“Who beheaded civilians? Who is to be blamed for the killings and destruction of billions of birr worth of properties? Government officials make up the majority of the suspects. The government will continue apprehending suspects bringing them before justice," Abiy said.

The government has so far arrested more than 7000 individuals for alleged participation in the recent unrest that followed the death of popular singer Hachalu Hundessa.

Oromo Liberation Front also accused the government of engaging in the mass arrest of its members and supporters.

Meanwhile, The Ethiopian House of Federation (HoF) has urged the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) to abandon activities it is undertaking to hold regional elections.

In a letter addressed to the regional government, HoF warned legal measures if TPLF continues to violate constitutional order.

“HoF will take legal measures based on the power bestowed to it by the constitution and relevant laws against the regional government," says the letter released.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed recently said his government will not go to war against TPLF over election matters.

The three-page letter also urged the TPLF to respect the decisions passed by the House of Peoples Representatives and House of Federation which postponed the 6th general elections due to COVID-19 pandemic.

HoF said TPLF is engaged in clear violation of the constitution by setting up a regional electoral commission to conduct elections by itself.

According to the HoF, the TPLF also violates article 102 of the constitution which states that the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) is the only body entitled to conduct election across the country

The house also extended the terms of federal and regional lawmakers and the executive branch until relevant health institutions approve the threat from coronavirus is over.

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