Police, Residents Foil Another Mob Attack in Oromia Towns

By Staff Reporter

Ambo-EthiopiaAugust 4, 2020 (Ezega.com) -- Residents in Ambo and Ginchi towns have foiled an attempted mob attack aimed at causing ethnic and religious-based violence and to obstruct economic activities.

Eyewitnesses in Ambo town told Ezega.com that police apprehended quite a lot of violent youth groups as they were attempting to instigate unrest.

According to eyewitnesses, town residents managed to stop the attempted mob attack ahead of police arrival.

The mob is believed to be directed by radical Oromo groups who are mainly based in the US and Canada who are followers of the Oromo Media Network (OMN).

The planned mob attack was supposed to run for five days, starting from Monday, August 3, 2020, and intended to obstruct economic and trading activities in Addis Ababa by cutting or blocking linking roads.

These extremist Oromo groups also called on the violent youth to refuse to eat injera, a staple food in Ethiopia, and destroy government institutions and properties belonging to non-Oromo ethnic people.

The planned mob attack also intended to help Jawar Mohammed, OMN’s owner and alleged architect of the unfolding unrest in Ethiopia, released from jail.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the government will continue apprehending members of the federal and Oromia police who are allegedly linked with members of these extremist Oromo groups who are largely jobless in foreign lands.

Early last month, more than 200 civilians were killed and hundreds of others wounded in the ethnic and religious-based attacks in several Oromia towns of Ethiopia.

Many people blame the central government for failing to enforce the rule of law, emboldening jobless Oromia youth, commonly known as the Qeerroo, to terrorize people. In some cases, local and federal law enforcement people are accused of turning a blind eye to violent attacks especially when the victims are non-Oromo ethnic people.

Meanwhile, up north in Ethiopia, a fire that broke out at the Adi Haqi market place in Mekele city destroyed at least 520 shops.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that no one was hurt during the incident. They said more than five hundred stores were destroyed by the fire.

Hailay Gebresilassie, whose two shops were entirely damaged by the fire, said the fire was put under control with joint efforts of residents and firefighters. He, however, complained over the substandard nature of firefighting trucks which according to him are not adequate to serve the city of Mekele.

A technical committee has been set up to investigate the cause of the accident and the extent of damage, assistant inspector of Mekele police Geberekirstos Geberemeskel has said.

Deputy Mayor of Mekele city, Engineer Araya Girmay vowed to reinstate the market place with joint efforts of the business community in Tigray region.

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