Violent Oromia Groups Threatening Locals Warns Ethiopian Human Rights

By Staff Reporter

Violent-Oromia-GroupsAugust 16, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission said violent groups in Oromia of Ethiopia are threatening for another round of massacre and killings in several towns.

In a report issued on Friday, the commission said its investigative teams have found looming warnings against the lives of survivors and destruction of their properties in violence-hit Oromia towns.

According to the commission’s report, survivors are warned to leave their living areas as soon as possible or face death.

Facing considerable pressure, many non-Oromo ethnic groups have already left the regional state in the last two years or so, often without the protection from regional security bodies. Unique to Oromia, local security agencies in the state are often criticized for failing to protect the innocent, usually without facing any accountability.
At least 200 people were killed and several others wounded in the latest ethnic and religious-based attacks which the human rights group referred it to as “Genocide”

The commission is gathering information from 40 violence-hit places of Oromia as well as in the capital Addis Ababa, where the violation of human rights was not severe.

“We are receiving words of warning in person and through phone ordering us to leave the town as quickly as possible,” survivors in Batu town told the commission.

In Shashemene, one of the worst-hit cities, “unidentified people have gone door to door and warned survivors to pay as much as 10,000 birr in exchange of their lives” the commission noted.

According to the report, the commission came to realize that members of security forces have beaten and harassed non-ethnic Oromos in Keta and Burayu towns.

The commission called on the federal and Oromia governments to investigate the security threats and apply all the necessary protection measures. It also called on security forces to identify risk areas and take corrective actions.

Ethiopian Human Rights Commission aims to ensure that those who committed the violation of the rights are held accountable and that the victims are supported in their effort to return to normal life.

Law enforcement authorities in the Oromo region have confirmed that well over one thousand houses were blazed in the region in a span of a few days. Schools and health centers are destroyed. Over 24 hotels and restaurants are destroyed, among other damages.  

According to the commission, the violent groups have inflicted severe physical, economic, and psychological damages against the survivors who are currently sheltered in religious institutions.

The commission confirmed that the majority of the survivors are sheltered in churches including Saint Gabriel Church in Asela town, Tekelehaimanot, Saint Michael, Saint George, and Saint Rufael churches in Shashemene town and Agarfa Agricultural College.

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