Planned Violence in Oromia Towns Foiled: Oromia Police

By Staff Reporter

Jawar-BekeleAugust 19, 2020 ( -- The Oromia police commission said it has foiled planned violence that was supposed to hit several Oromia towns of Ethiopia.

“The violence was called by extremist Oromo groups who disseminated fake news that activist turned politician Jawar Mohammed contracted coronavirus in a prison cell, the Oromia police said.

The federal police and attorney general in a statement said Jawar is “safe and healthy” even though he interrupted Monday’s court proceeding, claiming he was sick.

Police accused Jawar of leaving the courtroom now and then and disturbing the proceeding which was scheduled to listen to the prosecutor’s witnesses against the defendant. The presiding judge postponed the court hearing after the repeated interlude.

Other than extremist Oromo groups, the Oromo and Tigray activists and media were accused of mobilizing Qeerroo for instigating another round of violence on August 18, 2020.

Since the arrest of Jawar Mohammed in early July, the extremist groups have called for five inter-ethnic and religious attacks in an attempt to set Jawar free by force. Police said all the planned attacks were foiled. learned that the members of the defense forces foiled the attempted attacks in Shashemene and Awdeday towns.

In a resolution passed after the peace conference, the Oromia regional government said it will not tolerate any anti-peace activities in the region.

Members of the Oromia Prosperity Party were accused of serving opposing Oromia political parties and failing to discharge responsibility and sometimes participating in the violence.

After the arrest of JawarMohammed, the incidence of violence has dropped to zero levels which critics say is attributable to the government’s move to maintain law and order.

Police said Jawar was not willing to get medication by government-sponsored doctors. “He wants to be diagnosed by a personal doctor.”

Jawar was accused of instigating inter-ethnic and religious attacks in Oromia towns following the death of popular singer Hachalu Hundesa. At least 200 people were killed amid the violence.

Jawar was accused of triggering violence in November last year after his Facebook post that security forces had tried to orchestrate an attack against him.

Supporters took to the streets last week to protest. Crowds of young men from his Oromo ethnic group quickly turned their anger against Abiy, saying that he had betrayed them by mistreating Jawar. The crowds reportedly killed 86 non-Oromo ethnic people.  

To many, Jawar is a polarising figure who is accused by critics of fomenting ethnic divisions. Though he helped Abiy come to power two years ago, he has often bitterly criticized the new prime minister’s policies.

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