TPLF Accused of Engaging in Forced Assimilation of Raya People

By Staff Reporter

TPLF-Amhara-disputeSeptember 4, 2020 ( -- Raya Rayuma Democratic Party accused the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) of engaging in forced assimilation and causing an identity crisis against the people of Raya in a move to strengthen regional autonomy.

The party has called on the federal government to deploy a national defense force in southern Tigray to defend the rights of those people who resisted partaking in Tigray’s controversial election.

The federal government did not respond yet amid growing complaints about the identity of people in Raya and Walqaite Tegede in southern and western Tigray who claimed to belong to the Amhara region.

“TPLF cadres are going door to door and insisting the people of Raya to acquire new IDs as Tigrayan nationals and participate in the election otherwise to leave the area,” the chairperson of the party Agizew Hidaru told local media.

“We don’t accept the government in Addis Ababa if it continues turning blind eyes and deaf ears to the killings and assault of our people. TPLF has detained 2150 Raya people and this time around tensions are high in Raya-Azebo, Raya -Osla and Raya-Alamata as TPLF are running for “illegal” election,” he said.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Amhara region officials are blamed for negligence and complicity for alleged mass detention and human rights violations by TPLF against the people of Raya and ethnic Amhara people in Walqaite Tegede in western Tigray, according to these opposition forces.

"The people in Raya, Wajrat, Telemt, and Tegede have expressed fear that they would lose Ethiopian citizenship and once again called for the Amhara and federal governments to intervene," the chairperson said.

The party claimed TPLF is running to establish a de facto separate state. All opposition parties which are running in the region’s election also promote the establishment of the “Greater Tigray” after holding the elections.

The Federal House of Federation (HOF) has called for an emergency meeting on Saturday, September 5, 2020, after its officials welcomed complaints from Identity and Geographic Restoration of Raya and Wolkait-Tegede committees and Raya Rayuma political party.

The people in Raya and Wolkait-Tegede claim their territories were annexed by TPLF from the Amhara region after TPLF led government took power 29 years ago.

They claimed in the process of annexation, the identity, history, and cultural makeup of Raya and Wolkait-Tegede has been taken away, re-written, and utterly decimated by TPLF and its state machine.” the committees claimed.

TPLF on its part said Wolkait-Tegede was annexed from the Tigray region in the political conspiracy during the regime of Emperor Haileselassie.

Tigray region said more than 2.7 million people were registered to vote in a separate election scheduled to take place on September 9, 2020.

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