Any Attempt to Stop Tigray Elections Tantamount to Declaration of War: TPLF

By Staff Reporter

Tigray-electionsSeptember 4, 2020 ( -- The Tigray regional government said any decision the House of Federation (HoF) would pass in connection to the Tigray region’s elections is tantamount to declaring war.

The warning comes a day before the House of Federation is to hold an extraordinary meeting on undisclosed discussion agendas.

Officials of HoF on Thursday confirmed the Identity and Geographic Restoration of Raya and Wolkait-Tegede committees and Raya Rayuma political party that the house would dwell Tigray’s election and related matters in e

The Tigray council in a letter sent to HoF said MPs representing the Tigray region in HoF would not attend the extraordinary meeting unless otherwise the discussion points are disclosed.

The discussion agendas were supposed to reach the MPs at least two days in advance but HoF did not dispatch them despite repeated requests, the council said.

The Tigray region reportedly finalized preparations to hold elections in the region amid complaints from Identity and Geographic Restoration of Raya and Wolkait-Tegede committees and Raya Rayuma political party that non-Tigrayans were mobilized to partake in the election by force.

The committees claimed the federal government is responsible to ensure decisions passed by the House of Federation (HoF) and stop the election in the Tigray region.

The government remains indifferent as TPLF is running for the election, contravening HoF’s decision that postponed the general election which was supposed to be conducted last August.  

Opposition political parties, including the Tigray Democratic Party, said TPLF is using the planned election to escape responsibility for the wrong deeds its leaders had done during its 27-year dictatorial rule of the country.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia's coronavirus confirmed cases over the past 24 four hours dropped to three digits after several weeks.

The country reported 1,105, 1,173, 1,009, 1,468, 1,514 new cases of coronavirus each day from Saturday to Wednesday out of a total of more nearly 100,000 laboratory tests.

The Ministry of Health reported 804 new infections on Thursday from 20,778 laboratory tests conducted over the last twenty-four hours.

The new infections have increased the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 55,213.

Moreover, 10 people have died from the virus taking the death toll in the country to 856, according to the Ministry.

On the other hand, 380 patients have recovered from coronavirus disease recently, the Ministry said.

There are currently 34,072 active cases in Ethiopia of which 306 are in severe condition.

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