Ethiopian Authorities Warn of Harsh Measures against Attempts of Violence

By Staff Reporter

Berhanu-Jula-TigraySeptember 26, 2020 ( -- Ethiopian security authorities have warned of possible harsh measures against any attempts to violence that may erupt in defyiance of the federal government’s power after October 5, 2020.

The warnings come after authorities in the Tigray region once again said Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government will not be legitimate one after its term ends on October 5, 2020.

Deputy chief of staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force Berhanu Jula said any attempts of violence will be met harshly and the defense forces are ready to take action against any entity trying to control power by force.

“We will be compelled to take action against any entity that violates the constitution,” Deputy Chief of Staff and Head of operation affairs General Berhanu told the state run Ethiopian News Agency.

He warned those forces who claim that there will not be any elected government after October 5, should be careful not to violate the constitution. “The defense force will not tolerate any move tailored to breaching the constitution.

It is unclear if Berhanu Jula was responding to comments of Getachew Reda, executive member of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) who reportedly suggested the defence forces be ready to control the federal government’s power after October 5, 2020.

TPLF, Tigray region’s governing party accuses the federal government of postponing August’s general elections unilaterally and in violation of the constitution and claimed the federal government would not be legitimate to rule the nation after October 5.

TPLF leaders have rejected the decision of the parliament this week to hold the six general elections across the country including the Tigray region during this Ethiopian year.

If the Tigray regional state is not letting that happen in the region, the Federal government will likely act, according to Ethiopian officials.  However, General Berhanu Jula’s interview lacked specificity in that regard.

“There would be neither caretaker nor a transition government. Government power can only be secured through election based on the constitution,” Berhanu added.  

Similarly, the Federal Police Commission also announced readiness to take rigorous actions against forces instigating unrest in any part of the country.

“Police will not tolerate any force which will be trying to instigate violence in a belief that there will not be any legitimate government after October 5, 2020 Endeshaw Tassew, Federal Police Commissioner said in a briefing on Friday.

"There are forces which are plotting to create chaos during the celebrations of “Finding True Cross" and ''Ireecha"  in Addis Ababa this and next weekends," he added.

He said searches are being carried out in all entry points to Addis Ababa and in surrounding Oromia towns to avoid possible attacks.

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