At Least 40 Officials Sacked for Alleged Involvement in Killings in Western Ethiopia

By Staff Reporter

Benishangul-GumuzSeptember 28, 2020 ( -- The government of Ethiopia has sacked at least 40 officials in the Benishangul Gumuz regional state for their alleged involvement in the killings of more than 150 civilians and wounding hundreds others.

Several others are being watched closely, and there could be more dismissals, the region’s Prosperity Party said on Monday in a statement.

Nega Jara, the region’s Deputy Police Commissioner, Wegari Palino Commander of the region’s special force and Shambel Lencha, speaker of the ethnic Gumuzs council were among those officials sacked by the government.

The dismissal followed the launching of a special operation led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed in a bid to trace the root causes of the recurrent attacks and alleged collaborators of the targeted attacks in the region’s Metekel zone.

Heads of the Metekel zone’s health, trade and industry, finance, justice, agriculture and tourism were among the dismissed officials for alleged participation in the recurring massacre which left more than 150 ethnic Amhara, Agew and Shinasha people dead.

Neither Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed nor his office issued a statement about the killings in the region despite outcry from the Amhara regional state against the arranged attacks in which officials of the region allegedly involved.

State run and affiliate media outlets also did not cover the massacre in the region for undisclosed reasons.

The action against the government officials comes amid rumors that high ranking officials of the region still support the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) led government EPRDF which is replaced by the ruling Prosperity Party.

A military rule led by the regional government is now governing Guba, Bulen, Wembra, Dangur, districts of Metekel zone for the coming three months.

Chief and deputy chief administrators of Bulen district where the latest killings occurred, chief and deputy speakers of the district as well as its finance bureau head were dismissed from their posts.

The statement said nothing if the government will file lawsuits against the officials for alleged involvement in the attacks.

Similary administrator, house speaker, revenue, fnance and health bureau heads were Wembera districts were sacked.

Chief and deputy chief administrators of the Dangur district and speaker, security head, revenue, youth and sports bureau heads were among the dismissed officials.

Meanwhile, Benishangul Gumuz region’s police commissioner Abdulaziz Mohammed has confirmed that twenty two people were killed in the latest attack in Dangur district of the region.

The police commissioner also confirmed that a total of more than 40 people were killed by the armed men.

The police commissioner blamed Egypt for instigating the unrest in the region through offering military training and arming the gunmen in bid to create violence in Ethiopia which is building a massive hydro power dam on the Nile.  

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