Ethiopian Government Will Remain ‘Firm and Strong’: Official

By Staff Reporter

Dr-Alemu-SemieSeptember 30, 2020 ( -- The government of Ethiopia will remain firm and strong despite “mere wishes” of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) that Ethiopia would be a failed state after October 5, 2020, a high government official has said.

In an interview with local media, Political Parties and Civic Associations Affairs Head with the ruling Prosperity Party Alemu Semie (Dr.) said the government will rule the nation as a legitimate government based on the power bestowed to it by the constitution and legally formed institutions.

Alemu characterized TPLF as a “collection of gangsters” which had been engaged in the killing and suppressing of the Ethiopian people for years. “It is discarded by almost all peoples of Ethiopia,” he said.

“Leaders of TPLF have turned into insane after they lost grip of federal power. Except TPLF leaders and people around them, the people and government of Ethiopia want a peaceful and strong nation prevails,” Alemu said.

TPLF and like opposition groups argued the mandate of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed would end early next month as the parliamentary terms comes to an end on October 5, 2020 and the postponement of elections that were supposed to have happened last August, was in breach of the constitution and raised the prospect of Prime Minister Abiy becoming an "illegitimate" ruler.

Accordingly, TPLF officials called for establishment of a caretaker government in Ethiopia to come out of the political quagmire and pave the way for a peaceful transition before the nation is plagued in chaos due to the absence a legitimacy government.

TPLF, the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) and the Ethiopian Democratic Party whose leaders are currently in jail for alleged instigation of violence had been calling for the establishment of  a transition government until election takes place.

 “It is unlikely that federal power will be seized without elections. The vanished TPLF wants to see Ethiopia crumbled and there will not be any short cut to power as opposed to the aspiration of those forces.” Alemu argued.

Alemu’s comment comes after members of parliament representing the Tigray region announce decision that they would not attend an extra-ordinary meeting the House of Peoples Representatives set to hold next Monday. The House is expected to endorse the country’s annual budget.

Three months ago, the House of People Representatives postponed the country’s general election which was salted for last August due to COVID-19 pandemic using constitutional interpretations as legal ground.

The high level official also accused TPLF of joining efforts with foreign enemies to interrupt the country’s move to wards exploiting its natural resources.

The House of People Representative passed decision that the nation can hold the delayed elections this year with the necessary precaution measure against the spread of coronavirus.

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