Ethiopian Upper House Orders Government to Cut Relationship with TPLF

By Staff Reporter

HoF-order-cut-TPLF-relationshipOctober 7, 2020 ( -- The political divide between Ethiopia’s ruling party and the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) seems to be nearing the point of no return as the House of Federation ordered the Federal Government to cut all forms of relationship with the region’s governing party.

The house’s decision comes after its Constitutional and Identity Affairs Standing Committee reported what it called the “depressing response” by the Tigray regional council during the regular session of the house.

The house’s decision entails the Federal Government should suspend any form of relationship with Tigray regional council and higher executive bodies formed after the election conducted by the regional state.

According to the house’s decision, however, the Federal Government will have working relationships with the region’s legal institutions, including city/town and locality (kebele) administrations to provide “basic services” to the people of the region.

The decision by the House of Federation, the upper house of parliament comes after TPLF held regional election on September 9, 2020 defying Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government.

Ethiopia was due to hold national elections last August, but the country’s poll body ruled in March that all voting would need to be postponed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ahead of the latest decision, the House of Federation ruled out Tigray’s election as “null and void.” TPLF won the election securing 189 of 190 seats in the regional parliament.

In an interview with local media, Speaker of the House of Federation Adem Farah said all federal states should suspend and can not maintain relations with the Tigray region.

Accordingly, the federal institutions will not exchange letters, information and extend support to the region and TPLF will not take part in any meeting on affairs of national issues.

He said the relationship between the federal government and districts, localities and city/town administration of the region will continue in a bid to reach out to the people in the region with basic development needs.

“We do have great respect for the people of Tigray. They deserve all the benefits as other people of the country do. The house’s decision will be effective based on the study conducted by the council of ministers,” he said

The house also announced suspension of budget subsidy the federal government would make to the Tigray region defying the new established Tigray region council and its cabinet.

Critics say the federal government would face a serious challenge to implement the house’s decision and many had anticipated that the house’s decision could go to the extent of freezing the region’s annual budget.

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