At Least Twenty TPLF Members Quit Regional Party, Join PP

By Staff Reporter

TPLF-members-quitOctober 13, 2020 ( -- In a surprise move, at least 20 members of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) have joined the ruling Prosperity Party defecting from their regional party.

Speaking to the media, the former TPLF officials who are working in Addis Ababa City Administration said they have lost confidence in TPLF which according to them conducted regional elections in defiance of the decision passed by House of Federation (HoF).

“TPLF has already lost public support and it is working to destabilize the nation. We believe the ruling party is striving to meet the needs of the general public including that of the Tigray people,” they said.

Recently, TPLF ordered representatives of the Tigray region in the House of People’s Representatives and House of Federation as well as political appointees in federal offices to quit their positions, claiming the terms of those institutions were over.

Spokesperson of the region Getachew Reda said the terms of the two houses had already expired on October 5, 2020 so did the lifetime of the government and its cabinet. Hence, there was no legal ground the Tigray region could establish relations with the center unless a new government is formed.

The officials called on the people of Tigray to be aware that the ruling government has no intentions to harm the people of Tigray as opposed to narrative the TPLF promoted earlier.

According to the officials who left the party, the TPLF still sticks to the old thinking and cannot guarantee the rights and benefits of the people of Tigray.

Out of 40 officials, only two reportedly accepted the instruction from the TPLF to quit their positions at federal offices. Vetran politician and senior member of TPLF Arkebe Equbay is still working as advisor to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.  

Meanwhile, the government of Ethiopia announced the termination of its activity to partially privatize the country’s Airlines, an official said on Tuesday.

Mid 2018, the government of Ethiopia had announced a decision to sell the Airlines partially for local and foreign investors.

The move to liberalize the Airlines by giving share to foreign investors had come as a surprise move after the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in April 2018.

In a press conference on Tuesday, the Minister of Finance, Ahmed Shide said the government has revoked the process of partial privatization of Ethiopian Airlines.

The minister said that the cancellation of the partial privatization of the airlines is attributed to its growing global reputation and profitability.

Other than the Ethiopian Airlines, the ruling government decided to privatize the country’s railway service, sugar plants industry parks, hotels, maritime transport and other enterprises fully or partially.

The 750 kilometers Ethiopian Railway which runs between Addis Ababa and Djibouti was opened in 2016 after it was completed at a cost of US $3.4 billion with loans from Chinese banks.

It is not known at this point as to what portion of the enterprise was up for sale. Ethio-Telecom, another giant state owned service providing enterprise, and Hydro plants are in the list  to be privatized.

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