Abiy's Government Has Become Dictatorship and Partisan: NAMA

By Staff Reporter

NAMA-EthiopiaOctober 27, 2020 (Ezega.com) -- The National Movement of Amhara (NAMA) issued a statement accusing PM Abiy Ahmed's federal government of turning into a dictatorship and partisan force beholdened to a single ethnic group.

NAMA blamed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed led government for failing or unwilling to stop targeted killings in which members of security forces were involved against ethnic Amharas in Oromia, Benishangul Gumuz and South Nations Nationalities and People (SNNP) regions.

NAMA in a statement said the central government will take the prime responsibility for failing to prevent, stop and find sustainable solutions to the unfolding attacks against the Amhara people.

“The government is rather engaged in demeaning the attacks, hiding evidence and in frequent cases blaming the victims,” NAMA’s statement reads.

According to the political party which is winning the hearts and minds of the ethnic Amharas who are the second most populous people in the country, the federal government has reappointed some officials who led the recent attacks against ethnic Amharas in Gura Ferda district of SNNP region.

“The fact is that several government officials in Oromia, Benishangul Gumuz and SNNP regions had failed discharging responsibilities to defend or stop the attacks or indirectly support the massacres through financing, providing protection or firearms to the perpetrators. The officials also continue to threaten the Amhara people to be silent.” NAMA said.

NAMA also blamed the Amhara Prosperity Party for failing to safeguard the safety of people of Amhara let alone ensuring their prosperity. It said the effort NAMA tried to work with the Amhara Prosperity Party to stand for the unity and safety of the people has been futile.

“The on going genocide against the people of Amhara will have multiple negative effects on the unity of the nation and NAMA would like to disclose its firm stands that it will not bargain over the lives of the people of Amhara any more,” the statement said.

According to the statement, NAMA once again requested the government to stop the attacks without any preconditions, name the killings as “genocides against the people of Amhara” and assign an independent inquiry team to investigate the attack, bring perpetrators before justice and provide proper compensations to the victims.

The people of Amhara remain to be the backbone for the unity of Ethiopia even though the Amhara Prosperity Party which is member of the ruling party discarded and failed to defend their lives and peace, it said

NAMA also accused the federal government of failing to defend the nation’s peace and security and protecting the ethnic Amhara university students from killings, forced school dropouts and being hostages by armed and extremist groups.

The party in a statement has called on nationwide demonstrations next Wednesday and Sunday in Amhara region and Addis Ababa city respectively to protest the killings against ethnic Amharas.

The Amhara Prosperity Party in a statement said it did know about the planned demonstration in the regional state. The federal government said nothing yet about the demonstration in Addis Ababa.

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