Ministry of Defense Denounces TPLF for Disseminating Wrong Information

By Staff Reporter

Defense-Ministry-EthiopiaNovember 1, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian Ministry of Defense issued a statement blaming the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) for disseminating wrong information that the Ethiopian federal army has turned into partisan and disregarding the sovereignty of the nation.

The Ministry accused TPLF of sending wrong messages that the defense force can not restructure, assign army leaders, and supervise its activities until it is ordered to do so by Ethiopian political forces.

According to the Ministry’s statement, TPLF has intended to thwart national duties and responsibilities of the national defense forces which are safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation and cooling down conflicts occurring in different parts of the country.

The Ministry also complained over TPLF’s stance that the national army was indifferent while the sovereignty of the nation has been compromised by external forces. The Ministry blamed TPLF for labeling the army as guardian of the rights and benefits of “illegal force”

TPLF also is liable for dissemination information that the army should not be accountable to federal government and take security measures until a transitional government is established.

“TPLF issued series erroneous statements that the defense force has been engaged in the killing of citizens while the reality was it defended citizens during conflicts by overcoming difficult terrains in all corners of the country,”

According to the Ministry, TPLF’s statements dishonored the scarifies members of the defense forces paid for their people and country and belittle the proud history of the Ethiopian army.

The Ministry said TPLF’s statements come amidst members of the national defense forces are battling desert locust in Tigray region and supporting Tigrayan nationals fight COVID-19 pandemic.

The statement said TPLF’s political interventions and blemishes with regard to the army’s mandates, activities, restructuring and deployment were “wrong and unacceptable” and demanded for immediate rectification.

Meanwhile, executive member of TPLF, Getachew Reda dismissed reports that the Tigray regional government deported newly appointed deputy head of the Ethiopian Northern Military Command Brigadier General Jemal Mohammed from Alula Aba Nega Airport.

“Some in the media are insinuating that one of the generals appointed by Abiy Ahmed to be in charge of the Northern Command was 'deported' to Addis. No officer was 'deported' from Mekelle, as an Ethiopian, he might as well live here; it is his home. What he was told was that his appointment, and that of the other officers, would never be considered legitimate because any appointment after October 5 is unacceptable in Tigray,” Getachew wrote in social media.

“The decision was not based on the identity, status or affiliation of the officers involved, rather just on principle. We still continue to work with the Northern Command's legitimate leadership on matters that fall within their legitimate responsibility,” he added.

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