Northern National Defence Command Now Part of Tigray Force: TPLF

By Staff Reporter

Tigray-special-forceNovember 4, 2020 ( -- The Tigray regional government said army commanding officers and troops of the Northern regiment of the Ethiopian defence forces have joined the regional militia and special force in defiance of the federal army.

“The army commanding officers and troops of the northern regiment currently are defending the people of Tigray from attacks of the federal government, Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) said in a statement

The Tigray region also prohibited flight over the sky of the region and barred any transportation services. “Any breach of TPLF’s order will be met with proportional and harsh measures,” the statement said.

The region also called on other military officers and troops to follow suit and discharge historical responsibilities.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Wednesday morning, however, said the Northern regiment of the national defence force was attacked from its back while it kept an eye out to thwart threats by foreign forces.

The premier also accused TPLF of attempting to rob artillery and military equipment from the Northern Command Post that has been stationed in the Tigray region for more than two decades in services and protection of the people of Tigray from any threats.

“The attack on the Northern Command has been premised on TPLF viewing the Ethiopian National Defence Forces as a foreign army rather than an army that has been protecting the people of Tigray for more than twenty years.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia’s Council of Ministers on Wednesday declared a six-month State of Emergency in Tigray regional state where the war is going on between the central government and the regional government.

The State of Emergency was declared in accordance with article 93/1/A of the Ethiopian constitution, according to a statement issued by the office of the Prime Minister.

The article provides the power for the Council of Ministers to decree a state of emergency in case of a breakdown of law and order which endangers constitutional order, natural disaster or epidemic situations.

The Council declared the State of Emergency “recognizing the constitutional responsibility of the government to maintain the country’s peace, the safety and security of its citizens and to prevent acts that may lead the country to further unrest and instability,” the statement noted.

Moreover, “the illegal and violent activities within the Tigray regional state are endangering the constitution and constitutional order, public peace and security, specially threatening the country’s sovereignty, seriously impeding the Federal Government from discharging its constitutional responsibility in the region, violating decisions of the House of Federation,” it noted.

The statement added that the State of Emergency decree came acknowledging that the situation has reached a level where it cannot be prevented and controlled through the regular law enforcement mechanisms.

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