National Defence Force Repelling Multiple Attacks by TPLF: PM Abiy

By Staff Reporter

Abiy-Ahmed-Tigray-ConflictNovember 4, 2020 ( -- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said the national defence force successfully repelled the multiple attacks waged in various fronts by armed forces of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).

“The war waged by TPLF against Ethiopia endeavors to weaken the national defence force and subject the nation to fall victim of foreign enemies,” Abiy has said in his second recorded message on Wednesday after a war broke out between TPLF and his government.

According to the premier, TPLF which he calls it “a traitor group” has done all its best to divide the northern regiment of the National Defence Force along ethnic lines and conspired to kill those troops who declined the plan.

It is not clear If the the northern regiment of the national defence force is still under his command even though TPLF claimed commanding officers and troops of the regiment have already joined its forces.

“Government has been avoiding war for the sake of the people of Tigray. War can not be avoided with effort from only one entity,” he said, stating the quarrelsome behavior of TPLF.

“Had we been suspicious of TPLF’s war plans, two cargo aircrafts would not have been flown to Mekelle city on Tuesday at around 10PM to dispense the new currency notes and collect the old ones,” he said.

The premier did not disclose if the aircrafts were returned to Addis Ababa. Currently there are power outrage and telecom blackout in Tigray, for which the premier blamed TPLF.

“The people of Tigray have defended members of the national army, who have been stationed there for more than 20 years. I am so grateful and proud by the deeds of the people of Tigray,” he said

The premier further said hundreds of the region's special force and militia men escaped from war fronts and deserted to neighboring regions.

According to the premier, the Amhara special force and militia men along with members of the national defence force have not only defended the expanding forces of TPLF but also took control of key areas.

Meanwhile the ruling Prosperity Party in a statement told the people of Tigray that the continual atrocity and the apparent instigation carried out by TPLF last night had forced the federal government to declare a military response.

The Prosperity Party further calls on scholars, youths and security forces of the region to maintain fraternity with other people and show solidarity with the federal government in the fight against the perpetrator, TPLF so as to help the nation continue its development journey.

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