Ethiopian Air Force Bombs Mekele City: Tigray Region

By Staff Reporter

Airforce-EthiopiaNovember 5, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian Air Force allegedly bombed Mekele city, capital of the Tigray regional state as the war between the central and Tigray regional forces continues.

The Tigray TV broke the news that the federal government conducted air strikes on Thursday evening around Mekele in an attempt to bow the people of Tigray, as reported by the DW Amharic News Service.

The region’s communication office said the attack would rather make the people of Tigray stronger to win the war.

The office mentioned nothing about the damage caused by the air strikes nor disclosed specific places the attacks occurred.

In a briefing on Thursday, Debretsion Geberemichael said the Tigray force took possession of all artillery and military equipment from the Northern Command Post that has been stationed in the Tigray region, a claim the federal government denied.

He said “the people of Tigray should not be harmed by the artillery and military equipment that are found in the region. Now we are well armed even more than the federal force can” he said in a briefing on Tigary TV.

The president confirmed about the ongoing war between the Tigray force and the joint forces of Amhara special and defence forces at Amhara- Tigray border though he did not mention specific places.

The president further said members of the national defence force crossed to Eritrea at a place called Adiabo as testimony that the federal government’s alliance with Eritrea to attack its own people.

Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defence Force Brigadier general Berhanu Jula said all necessary precautions were taken to ensure safety of civilians during an offensive attack carried out against the Tigray People Liberation Front.  .

Instead of resolving any political differences via political discussion, the TPLF group waged war against the North Command Post based in the Tigray regional state, he said.

The national defence army has repelled TPLF’s attack successfully, the Deputy Chief of Staff said adding more troops are being deployed in Mekele city to end the war at the earliest time possible.

General Berhanu said the people of Tigray regional state have demonstrated their commitment for peace by showing their support to the national defence army.

He assured the war will not expand to the center but will end up in the Tigray region.

He finally called on all citizens to stand by the side of the defence army in its efforts to deter TPLF’s attempts of carrying out terrorist activities in other parts of the country.

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