TPLF Vows Massive Retaliation for Latest Offensive

By Staff Reporter

TPLF-vows-retaliationNovember 7, 2020 ( -- The Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF), the main opposition group in Ethiopia’s northern region has vowed massive retaliation for Thursday’s offensive launched against it by the federal government.

Getachew Reda, executive member of the TPLF admitted the massive offensive operations against the region’s government and vowed for retaliation at the earliest time possible.

Reda’s comment comes after Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said his government would take more offensive measures against TPLF that administers the region.

The central government last Thursday bombed the missiles and artillery system in and around Mekele city, the region’s capital in a bid to deter possible use of the heavy weapons by TPLF for counter attacks.

“All offensive measures Abiy carried out would be retaliated to by two-folds. We would shoot Abiy’s air-crafts no matter where they are and which airport they take off from. Airports also would be our prime targets,” Getachew said.

In a twitter post on Saturday, Abiy said “Ethiopia’s quest to have a successful transition towards constitutional democracy requires adherence to rule of law.”

“The Government will continue to take necessary law enforcement measures to safeguard & advance our nascent process of democratization from rogue political actors,” he added.

Ethiopia has no place for criminal elements and they cannot escape the rule of law under the guise of seeking reconciliation and a call for dialogue, he stressed.

“The proud Ethiopian people of Tigray and other citizens cannot be taken hostage by fugitives from justice forever. We shall extract these criminal elements and revamp our country on a path to sustainable prosperity for all,” Abiy added.

Meanwhile the House of Federation (HoF) has approved a resolution allowing the Federal Government to intervene and form interim administration in Tigray regional state.

The House approved the resolution unanimously in its extraordinary meeting held this morning and in accordance with Proclamation No 359/2003 of the Ethiopian constitution.

Titled “System for the intervention of the Federal Government in the Regions,” the Proclamation allows the Federal Government to intervene in regions in cases of deteriorating situation, violation of human rights and when the constitutional order is endangered.

According to the resolution, the Tigray regional council and executive committee will be removed and the interim administration will assume the role of the executive committee and conduct election in the region.

Moreover, the resolution requires the Prime Minister to present report to the House quarterly about the situations in the region.

The House said it passed the resolution to contain the serious danger posed by the TPLF clique and stabilize the situation in the regional state.

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