Defense Forces Advancing to Mekele City: Ethiopian Army Chief

By Staff Reporter

Gen-Berhanu-JulaNovember 8, 2020 ( -- Troops of the Ethiopian defense force are advancing to Mekele, the capital of Tigray regional state, a day after they took control of several areas in western Tigray, General Berhanu Jula, Chief of Staff of the national defense force has said.

Berhanu told local media that the national defense force along with forces in the neighboring Amhara region fully controlled Dansha, Baeker and other places stretching from Shiraro to Shire towns in the Tigray region.

The chief of staff said the federal force fully destroyed heavy weapons held by TPLF forces and has continued to dismantle the enemy’s traps all the way to Mekele city.

Berhanu is confident that the war between the federal government and ‘rebel group” in Tigray region will end soon and those TPLF’s clique who committed treason against Ethiopia will face justice.

The national defense force has seized a string of towns and districts in the west Tigray region since launching an offensive two days ago, Indoctrination Director at the Ethiopian Defense Forces, Major General Mohammed Tessema said

Backed by Amhara special force and militia, the federal army took control of Maidali Dansha, Baeker, Lugid, Humera Airport, and Humera-Sudan road, he said.

The federal force on Saturday took control of several areas including Qeraqer and Tsegede districts which were the disputed areas between the Tigray and Amhara regional states.

Amhara Special force and militia erected their region’s flags in Welqait Tsegede and Telemet districts where they were accorded a warm welcome.

Mohammed said the federal troops fully controlled strategic areas including Humera Airport, a military camp in Dansha district and Humera-Sudan road.

The major general has likened the current condition of the rebel group as a vulture, whose wing is badly hurt.

The residents in the Tigray region have welcomed and shown solidarity to the defense force, Mohammed said adding a large number of the Tigray special force soldiers deserted TPLF and  joined the national defense force.

According to the Major General, several members of TPLF fighters are below 18 years old and that shows TPLF leaders do not care about the lives of fellow citizens.

Meanwhile, the National Bank of Ethiopia announced that commercial banks in the Tigray region have been robbed by the TPLF forces.

The bank in a statement called on the people in the region to stop the robbery and announced suspension of banking services in the region.

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