Ethiopian Police Arrest 17 Military Officers for Alleged Collaboration with TPLF

By Staff Reporter

Federal-Police-EthiopiaNovember 11, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian police said they have apprehended 17 senior military officers including army generals who allegedly caused communication breakdown between the central command of the national defense force and its northern regiment in Tigray region.

The federal police accused the high ranking military officers (all Tigrigna speaking members) of collaborating with the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) junta for the massacre of undisclosed members of the defense force within the north command division by hacking the communication system.

Police in a statement said Major General Gebremedhin Fikadu -nicked name Wedi Necho who was communication department head in Addis Ababa headquarters is a prime suspect for sabotaging the communication system and diverting it to TPLF force.

The military officers are charged with treason and prior to his appointment as communication department head the defense force, Major General Gebermedihin Fikadu had been working as commander of the Agazi and special force.

According to the police statement, the Gebremedhin was caught red handed while trying to send several bombs and accessories of missiles packed in eleven boxes under the cover of communication equipment to TPLF force in Tigray region.

The 17 military officers along with their subordinates were apprehended by joint operations of the federal police and members of the national defense force. The federal police vowed to expose

According to the federal police commission, the suspects committed treason by creating favorable conditions for TPLF after cutting communication systems between the north command and the central one.

“Leaving aside the responsibility entrusted to them by the Government, the Ethiopian people and the defense army,” they joined the TPLF conspiracy by exposing the defense force for attack, the statement said.

Meanwhile, some 14 members of a rebel group of Oromo Liberation Front also known as Shene have been killed in the Guji Zone of Oromia Region during an operation carried out by the Oromia government.

According to Chief Administrator of Guji Zone, Tadelle Udo, 17 more members of OLF Shene were wounded while additional 13 members held under security forces custody.

The regional government security forces have taken the action against the armed group in collaboration with members of the community in the area, he said

He said three members of TPLF and other individuals, who were fighting with the rebel group. also were arrested.

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