Arrest Warrant Issued on 96 Tigray Officials, Army Generals

By Staff Reporter

TPLF-LeadersNovember 12, 2020 ( -- The Ethiopian Federal Police have issued arrest warrants for more than 96 army generals and officials in Tigray region for alleged crimes of treason, corruption and grave human rights violations.

In a statement it dispatched to media houses, the federal police said the officials of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) and senior military officers have been accused of committing treachery by attacking the north command division of the national defense force and massacring its members.

Police’s statement blamed the senior officials, military officers including army generals whom it referred to as ‘TPLF Junta’ for joining forces with the rebel Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) to destabilize the nation.

The statement accused the ‘TPLF-Junta’ of financing the rebel OLF and providing military training to its troops in the Tigray regional state.

TPLF officials and army generals have also been charged with instigation of several ethnic and religious based violence and unrest which resulted in the killings and wounding of innocent people and destruction properties, the statement reads.

Accordingly, the arrest warrants have been issued for the understated TPLF officials and military officers for alleged attempt to destroy the country’s constitutional order by force, committing crimes of treason, grave human rights violations and embezzling public resources.

1.      Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael

2.      Getachew Reda

3.      Fetlework Gebreziabeher

4.      Asmelash Woldesilassie

5.      Dr. Abrham Tekeste

6.      Keria Ibrahim

7.      Redai  Alefom

8.      Amanuel Asefa

9.      Dr. Atinkut Mezegebu

10.  Kiros Hagos

11.  Yalem Tsega

12.  Seble Khasay

13.  Getachew Asefa

14.  Daniel Asefa

15.  Issias Tadesse

16.  Dr. Aklilu Hailemichael

17.  Alem G/ Wahad

18.  Tekelai Gebremedhin

19.  Dr. Eyasu Berhe

20.  Dr. Redai Berhe

21.  Dr. Kidanemariam Berhe

22.  Nega Asefa

23.  Shishay Meressa

24.  Dr. Gebrehiwot G/ Egziabher

25.  Atsbeha Aregawi

26.  Dr./Eng Solomon Kidane

27.  Hadush Zenebe

28.  Berhe Gebeyesus

29.  Yitbarek Amha

30.  Dr. Gebremeskel Kahsay

31.  Dr. Fiseha H/Tsion

32.  Resqe Alemaw

33.  Dr. Addisalem Balema

34.  Zenebech Fiseha

35.  Fereweyini G/Egziabeher

36.  Seyoum Mesfin

37.  Abay Tsehaye

38.  Eyassu Tesfaye

39.  Lemlem Hadgo

40.  Professor Kindya G/Hiwot

41.  Habtu Kiros

42.  Beyene Mikru

43.  Kassaye G/Hiwot

44.  Rufael Shifera

45.  Lia Kassa

46.  Tewolde G/ Tsadiq

47.  Mulu G/Eziabeher

48.  Kiros Guush

49.  Dr. Amanuel Haile

50.  Desalegn Tefera

51.  Engineer Arya Berhane

52.  Almaz G/Tsadiq

53.  Solomon Measho

54.  Tekiu Maesho

55.  Genet Arefe

56.  Berekti G/ Medhin

57.  Dr. Hagos Gaddfai

58.  Zerai Askidom

59.  Asefa Belay

60.  Shewangizaw Gezahagn

61.  Atsbeha Gidey

62.  Sibehat Nega

63.  Sekuture Getachew

64.  Berihu T/ Berhan

The statement also circulated names of senior military officers including army generals as well as members of the federal police who were allegedly involved in conspiring in the destabilization of Ethiopia.

Accordingly, arrest warrants have been issued on the underlisted individuals for alleged crimes of treason and attacks against the north command camp which housed members of the national defence force.

1.      Lieutenant General Tadesse Werede Tesfaye

2.      Major General Yohannes W/ Giorgis

3.      Major General Berhane Negash Beyene

4.      Brigadier General Haile Selassie Girmay

5.      Brigadier General Migbe Haile W/ Aregai

6.      Major General Ibrahim Abduljelil Mehamdzun

7.      Brigadier General G/ Kidan G/ Gebremariam Yebeyu

8.      Major General Gebre G/Adhana W/ Zegu

9.      Major General G/ Mesqel g/ Yohannes

10.  Brigadier General Abrha Tesfay Berhe

11.  Brigadier General Fiseha Beyene

12.  Brigadier General Hintsa W/ Giorgis

13.  Brigadier General Alefom Alemu W/ Mariam

14.  Brigadier General G/ Meskel G/ Egziabher

15.  Brigadier General T/ Berhan W/ Aregai

16.  Major General Ataklti Berhe G/ Mariam

17.  Commissioner Mekonnen Kahssay G/ Meskel

18.  Deputy Commissioner Mehgiste Aregawi

19.  Colonel Getachew Kiros

20.  Deputy Police Commissioner Girmay Kebede

21.  Deputy Police Commissioner Tekelai Tsehaye

22.  Colonel Nigus W/ Gebreal

23.  Colonel G/ Selassie Tafere

24.  Colonel Fiseha Tekelemariam

25.   Colonel Tesfaye G/ Kidan

26.  Major General G/ Medhin Fikadu –Arrested

27.  Brigadier General Yirdaw Gebremedhin G/ Tsadiq- Arrested

28.  Brigadier General Gebrehiwot Sisinos Gebru-Arrested

29.  Brigadier General Inso Ajajo Erasho-Arrested

30.  Brigadier General Fiseha G/ Silassie Enhun-Arrested

31.  Colonel Desalegn Abebe Tesfaye -Arrested

32.  Colonel Eyasu Negash Tessema-Arrested

The federal police in its statement also requested the general public particularly those special forces and militia in Tigray to play their indispensible role in bringing the suspects before justice.

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