PM Abiy Says TPLF is Dying; TPLF Leaders Claim Victory

By Staff Reporter

TPLF-claims-victoryNovember 13, 2020 ( -- Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) is cornered and dying as the law enforcement operations against it are gaining momentum, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has said.

In a message he conveyed for troops of TPLF in Tigrigna language, Abiy said TPLF leaders have reached a point where they cannot physically lead the war.

He called on members of the Tigray special force and militia to submit to the defense army in the next two or three days and avoid possible casualties.

In a speech delivered on Tigray Mass Media on Thursday, Debretsion Gebremichael-President of the Tigray region said neighboring Eritrea has joined the federal government to overpower Tigray forces.

The president, who described the war as ‘fresh’, demanded a political solution to the ongoing fighting taking place on at least eight battlefields.

Early this week, Debretsion demanded the South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who is also current chairperson of the African Union, to facilitate inclusive peace talks with Addis Ababa.

Debretsion accused the federal force bombarding Mekele, Alamata and Adigrat towns and Tekeze hydro power dam in northern Tigray , leaving the region’s cities and towns in blackout.  

Debretsion claimed Tigray forces were enjoying victory in all battlefields and so far captured more than 10,000 federal troops including Eritrean soldiers, which Addis Ababa denied.

In a statement issued on Friday, Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check has said TPLF’s claim of Tekeze Dam bombing is false. It stated that the claim can easily be confirmed as the bombing of a double-curvature arc dam that is full of water cannot go unnoticed in the event of such a catastrophic incident.

Ethiopia State of Emergency Fact Check also said Tekeze Hydroelectric Dam is federally owned and administered, much like other power generation dams around Ethiopia. No independent world body has so far commented on the matter.

On Sunday November 8, 2020, TPLF Militia preemptively attacked a Federal Police outpost, tasked with the security of the dam, the statement said, adding that “the number of injured and killed has not been confirmed yet but 11 surviving Federal Police Members made a 14 hour trek across the mountains to the city of Gondar. “

Characteristically, the clique within TPLF continues to peddle falsehood for international audiences. Once again, we urge everyone to be mindful of the campaign of disinformation initiated by TPLF, the statement reads.

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