TPLF Leader Calls on All Tigrayans to Fight Federal Army

By Staff Reporter

Debretsion-Gebremichael-calls-TigrayansNovember 18, 2020 ( --  The leader of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) Debretsion Gebremichael called on all Tigrayans to fight what he referred to as “Abiy’s fascist forces” as the federal army captures key towns in Tigray.

Speaking to Tigray TV on Wednesday, Debretsion said TPLF forces have turned into offensive and defeated the federal army on all war fronts.

However, Debretsion has confirmed to a local TV station that federal troops have captured Shire, but called it a "temporary success" for the government and vowed to defeat Abiy's forces.

"Tigray will be a burial place to its enemy. The people of Tigray will never kneel," said Debretsion who is also president of the Tigray region.

In a briefing on Wednesday, chief of staff of the Ethiopian defense force Berhanu Jula announced that the federal army has freed additional places including Adi Goshu, Adi Nibreid as well as Gozomon from the control of the TPLF troops.

Berhanu also announced the liberation of Kobo from the hands of the “junta” and the federal army will free Rayya Azebo in the following days.

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Tuesday announced the end of the three-day deadline given by his administration to Tigray's forces to surrender.

He also suggested that the fighting was coming to an end, saying "the final critical act of law enforcement will be done in the coming days".

The chief of staff said TLPF forces have destroyed four bridges close to the Tigray capital Mekelle in an attempt to disrupt the marching of the federal army towards Mekele city.

Berhanu said the people of Tigray, who accorded the army a warm welcome to the federal troops, have surrendered 200 weapons including machine guns which they were given by the TPLF forces to attack troops of the national army from the back.

He said TPLF troops, who gave hands to the national army, confirmed that TPLF army leaders are using churches as trenches and providing commands from there and to stockpile weapons.

Ethiopia State of Emergency Task Force, a body formed following the declaration of six months state of emergency in Tigray in a statement said the Mekelle city would come under the control of the Defense Force in a matter of days.

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