Ethiopia to introduce health insurance

February 11, 2010 -- Health Insurance is going to be introduced in the near future after the Council of Ministers approved the draft proposal presented by the Ministry of Health, reports Ethiopian Capital. The health insurance is classified into two types: social health insurance and community based health insurance.

Social health insurance caters for all employees in the country on the payroll of private and public institutions. It will be mandatory for taxpayers to take out the insurance. The costs will be covered by funds collected from individuals, employers and government subsidies, says the report.

Community based health insurance deals with people that are not registered as taxpayers, which often includes farmers. These people can choose whether they want to receive the service. According to the draft proposal, an agency to control the scheme is to be set up in the near future.  

Premiums for the health insurance scheme are calculated according to the income of members, but the benefits are the same for all.

Source: Capital


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