Ethiopia to Mark Flag Day on September 20

Flag Day of Ethiopia to be celebratedAugust 29, 2010 -- The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia will celebrate its Flag Day, for the third time, on September 20, 2010, according to Press Release sent to by the organizing committee. The full press release from the organizing committee is given below.

The celebration is taking place at a time after the Fourth National Election was conducted peacefully and democratically and on the morrow of the Government’s announcement of the 5-year Growth and Transformation Plan.

Flag Day will be marked with, among other things, the laying of a founding stone of Flag Square, here in Addis Ababa in a ceremony that will take place in the presence of senior government officials and other distinguished guests. The Flag Square will be the future site where flags of the FDRE, the Regional States of Ethiopia as well as the African Union will be hoisted, together, permanently.

The day will be observed across the country with several other events that include raising and waving the national flag which is now the true symbol of equality and unity in diversity. The National Anthem will also be sung. Panel discussions, parades, contests between students and other events will also take place.

On Flag Day, citizens in all Government and Non-Government institutions, schools and others across the country will stand together, wherever they are, and hoist the national flag to its full mast at exactly the same time. Those who are out of their offices and institutions, on that day for various reasons, will follow the events through the media and join the ceremony by standing at attention wherever they are, for a moment, to sing the National Anthem at the same time.

Ethiopians are proud of being the custodians of a heroic history of struggle to defend their homeland against foreign aggressors under their beloved National Flag.

All Ethiopians are now fighting their worst enemies, poverty and backwardness under their flag which represents the values of equality in diversity, unity, peace, justice and development. That is why the day will be an event when all citizens will renew their pledge of allegiance to their national flag and the Constitution.

Source: Organizing Committee, Flag Day of Ethiopia


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