40/60 Housing Registration to Start Soon

By Seble Teweldebirhan

Ethiopian CondosAddis Ababa, June 13, 2013 ( - Addis Ababa City Administration and Commercial Bank of Ethiopia in a joint press conference held this week on Tuesday announced that Addis Ababa has finalized preparations to register over 1.3 million house seekers.

The new registration renews the old registration and adds more residents. The 10/90 and the 20/80 registration will happen June 10 - 28 while the 40/60 project is slotted for registration August 12- 23. Associations for housing will be registered from July 23 to August 6.

Ato Kinde Ketam, head of Addis Ababa Saving Housing Enterprise said these housing projects consider the financial capacity of the residents. The registration for 40/60 housing will take in all 116 district offices of the City Administration which avail ample trained professional and materials needed to manage effective registration, according to Ato Kende. The houses will be built with cost-effective materials and minimum budget by Ethiopian contractors and consultants. The houses will built considering physical disabilities to make them accessible for all and with green areas. For the rest of the houses, a land has been prepared and initial studies for the constructions are underway.

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, which was only opening a saving account for the house seekers on 10/90 and 20/80 plots will extend the responsibility and add the registration as well on 40/60. Deputy Manager of Ethiopian Commercial Bank Ato Yehualaw Gessese said during the press conference that the Bank will assume additional responsibilities. ‘The bank will open the saving account of the customer’s choice and register the house seekers’ he said.

The new housing projects involve housing for the poor and low earners as well as for middle income citizens. So far 24 thousand of houses are under construction on this budget year. Totally under this budget year the construction of over 95 thousand houses across the city will be finalized. Senga Tera, Saris area and near to Megngna are the sites prepared for 40/60 housing construction.

Accordingly anyone who is above the age of 18 who lived in Addis Ababa at least for more than two years, never had benefited from previous housing projects and capable to save the amount required is qualified for registration. In addition the Diaspora can register by providing a renewed passport and those with Ethiopian origin but do not have citizenship can also be part of the registration by acquiring a document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The houses will be built in two years’ time. Those who can pay off the 40% or the entire price will get priority, according to the City Administration.


Seble Teweldebirhan



Seble Teweldebirhan is Addis Ababa based Columinst for She can be reached by sending email through this form.


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