Ethiopia Resented Gaddafi's Repeated Attempt to Move AU Headquarters to Libya


By Yonas Abiye

Addis Ababa, October 21, 2011 ( - Like the rest of the world, the Ethiopian government joined world leaders’ reaction on the death of former Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi’s who was killed by Transitional Council Forces on Thursday in his birth place of Sirte.

The entire Libyan people were celebrating in jubilation following the historical ending of a four-decade rule of Gaddafi’s dictatorial power.

Spokes erson of Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Dina Mufti told in Addis Ababa that Ethiopian government hopes that Gaddafi’s death will give Libyans the opportunity to enjoy their rights.

“Gaddafi has not been part of the solution for Libyan crisis. So his death was the only option for the Libyan people,” he said adding “It’s the Libyan people who already overthrew him, so Ethiopian government respects the move and demand of the Libyan people”.

He further indicated that the death of the leader is a victory for Libyans and will eventually change the face of the nationwide public demonstration that has been sparked in the last eight months across Libya.

“This opportunity will also bring the advantage for Libyans ensuring the safety and right of all sectors including the black minorities and other dissidents,” according to the spokesperson.

“As AU member state, we are working with both AU and NTC for the reconstruction of Libya,” Dina said.

Gaddafi was badly wounded in an attempt to capture him on Thursday morning and died shortly afterwards.

He was found by NTC fighters, hiding in a drainage pipe underground.

One of Col Gaddafi's sons, Mutasim, was also killed during the attack.

But another of Gaddafi's sons, Saif al-Islam, is thought to be still in hiding in the desert. There are also unconfirmed reports indicating that he was captured while on the run somehwere in the country.

Gaddafi and AU

Dina also told Gaddafi’s attempt to create a unified United State of Africa “was not matured”.

He rather noted that Ethiopia and other African Union member states were in a position of creating regional community block at first before coming to realize the Unified States of Africa.

“What we have seen is that the power of money cannot unify Africa,” he added.

Dina reiterated that Ethiopia has not been happy with Gaddafi's repeated attempt to move AU’s headquarters from Addis Ababa to Tripoli.

Col Gaddafi ruled Libya for nearly 42 years after he took power from King Idris I, when he was just 27 years old.

That made him the leader who'd ruled the longest in the Arab world and in Africa.

In that time, he ruled Libya brutally and with an iron-fist. People who disagreed with him have been dealt with ruthlessly, often imprisoned and sometimes killed.


Yonas Abiye


Yonas Abiye is Addis Ababa based reporter for He can be reached by sending email through this form.



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