Ethiopia Plans to Start Cross-Border Public Transportation Service

Ethiopia plans to start cross-border public transportNovember 30, 3011 - Ethiopia plans to launch cross-border public transportation service with three neighbouring countries Djibouti, Kenya and Sudan, according to the Capital. The Ministry of Transport, has been working on the project since last year.

Diriba Kuma, Minister of Transport, told Capital that the Ethiopian government has signed the agreement with Kenya to begin shared cross-border public transportation. “After we finish making the asphalt road, we will begin public transportation between the two nations,” the minister said.

The two countries have recently secured hundreds of millions of dollars from the African Development Bank to build the road. Diriba said, Ethiopia is in the process of signing an agreement with north Sudan and they already have agreed on the general framework. “Currently the document is in the draft stages and we think the deal will be finished by early 2012,” he explained.

Sudan and Ethiopia are already connected through a high quality road, which is currently mainly used to import fuel from Sudan. The agreement allows for mass transportation, to utilize the road to transport citizens.  Previously, most use small cars or airplane to commute. For now, most people using the highway appeared to be from Sudan, according to sources. Bus transportation will reduce costs, making it easier for the general public to travel between the two nations.

According to Diriba, the Ethiopian government wants to expand cross country road transportation with other neighbouring countries as well, such as the newly formed South Sudan and Somaliland.



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