No Mercy for Corrupt Officials - Abadula Gemeda

Abadula GemedaNovember 11, 2012 - Recently, senior government officials mostly from the nation's executive branch convened at the prime minister offices to deliberate on the issue of good governance and the challenges to be addressed henceforth, according to the Reporter.

During the meeting Abadula Gemeda, speaker of the House of Peoples' Representatives (HPR) underscored that merciless measures ought to be taken against any government official who is believed to be corrupt.

“The HPR is ready to push the executive body to have any official fired from his post if he fails to correct his problem,” Abadula told the gathering.

According to him, it is necessary to declare an official's weakness to the public and the step will be pressuring the Prime Minister to remove that individual from his post. “The directive is already in place so from now onwards we should start implementation,” he added.

The meeting was different from other such meetings as it was conducted in an unprecedented transparency.

The director general of the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation, Abay Tsehaye on the occasion said, “The commission should focus more on the root cause rather than the branches.”



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