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Important Notes to Real Estate Agents/Advertisers:

It is very important that real estate adevrtisers provide sufficient information so buyers know the details of each posting. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

- Use reasonably short but meaningful titles for your posts. This is not only helpful to potential buyers but also helps your postings rank well in search engines. Include meaningful keywords in your title, such as Home for Sale in Addis Ababa, House for Rent in Addis AbabaVilla for Sale in Addis AbabaCondo for Sale in Addis AbabaCondo for Rent in Addis Ababa, etc. These are just examples and you can use different location or sub-location names as needed. In general, it is good a practice to include the location of your property in the title, along with the main characteristics of the house you are trying to sell or rent.The main thing is use keywords that you think potential buyers will use in their search for properties to buy or rent.

- Use quality pictures in your postings, not fuzzy ones. Your pictures are the key part of your communication with potential buyers. You are as good as your pictures.

- Upload multiple pictures of your property. We recommed 3-5 picture per property.

- Please limit the size of each picture to no more than 800 pixels. Heavier pictures will affect page loading speed, affecting user experience negatively, and are highly discouraged. We reserve the right to take out Ads that do not follow this rule. This is extremely important. To edit your pictures and reduce picture size, you may use free software tools like Microsoft Paint. Please consult your IT consultant for assistance.

- Make sure property pictures are taken in the right orientation, and not taken upside down or side ways.

- Provide sufficient details about the house/home your are selling or renting. Include sufficient details about the inside of the property as well as area info to guide the buyer.

- Include price - this is very important. Potential buyers or renters will have difficulty contacting you if price is unknow. If the price is negotiable, state so. If there is a range, please provide one.

- Use our mapping PIN properly so buyers know where the property is located. Our system allows you to position the map PIN so your posting shows in the right location.

- If you have any questions or need assistance, please shoot us email.

Site Policy on Featured Properties:

Please note that not all properties will be made featured. Featured properties are selected based on certain criteria, including recency, how complete the posts are, the quality and number of pictures, whether price and other information is given properly, etc.

Featured properties for sale and rent are limited to certain numbers each, so home page opening is not affected negatively.

To Property Buyers or Renters: Real Estate section is an online platform where different real estate agents across Ethiopia post properties for sale or rent. does not have its own agents, and it is not a real estate brokerage firm by itself. Rather, we allow different real estate brokers in Ethiopia to advertise their listings. Hence, if you would like to find homes for sale in Ethiopia or find houses for rent in Ethiopia, and you have any questions about any property listed here, please contact the posting agents directly through the contact information provided for each post. In each post, you should see email address and telephone number of the corresponding agent on the right side of the page.

Prospective buyers or renters should know that the prices indicated for listed properties are generally negotiable, as is generally the case in buying and selling goods and services in Ethiopia. Hence prospective buyers or renters are advised to contact the listing agent for the property of interest and get as much information as possible. If you are a home buyer in Addis Ababa, for example, find houses for sale in Addis Ababa on this site and contact the listing agent directly and ask for all the details. Likewise, if you are a renter in Addis Ababa, find houses for rent in Addis Ababa on this site and contact the listing agent directly and ask for all the details.

If you have general comments or questions, please contact us Ezega Real Estate. In addition to our listings here, you may also visit our blogs postings to learn more about renting or buying real estate properties in Ethiopia.

To Banner Advertisers:

If you would like to post banner Ads to promote your business, please contact us. We offer different banner Ads, depending on your budget. We have large lead banner Ads that go at the top of our pages, and side banners that show on the left side of our pages. Minimum contract for banner Ads is two months. We offer free banner Ad design for you, or if you wish you can bring your own design. Please call or email us for more details. is one of the most visited Ethiopian websites anywhere in the world. Serving millions of page views per month, this unique site serves Ethiopians worldwide by providing news, entertaining videos, job vacancies, homes for sale and rent, classifieds, and Ethiopian business directory. has offices in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and in San Francisco, California, USA. For more information, please shoot us email or call us.

Helpful Tips on Real Estate:

Our Entertainment / Blogs section contains several excellent articles on buying and selling homes and some other topics in real estate. Please click here to visit Ezega Blogs and select the Real Estate tap to find these articles.

FAQ | FAQ Ezega Real Estate

FAQ - Real Estate

* How do I Create an account on Ezega Realestate?
* How do I Post a property?
* How do I Find a property and contact the owners?
* How do I View/Edit/Remove my property?
* How do I Know when I have prospective buyers?
* How do I Edit my profile?
* How do I Change my password?
* I Registered but I cannot login, what do I do?

* All Unanswered Questions

How do I create a new Ezega Realestate account?
* You can create an Ezega Real Estate account in three easy steps:
o Open Ezega Home page, in the login box click ‘New User’
o Fill in the required information and click ‘Submit’ Button. Make sure to enter correct values in all fields.
o You will be notified of an activation Email being sent to your registered Email account. Go to your email account, open the new email sent to you from Ezega Real Estate and click the activation link. That will take you back to Ezega Home where you can login for the first time. You can choose to check ‘Remember Me’ to automatically login next time you open the Ezega Home.
* You can also create your new account by clicking the ‘Register’ button from the Ezega Real Estate page. Then, you can follow the same procedure stated above.
Note that once you create an Ezea account, you can use it for Classifieds, Shopping, Jobs, and so on.

How do I post a property on Ezega Realestate?
* First login and then on the menu to the left click ‘Post a property’. You’ll find four tabs. Complete all fields in each tab and click next to pass to the next tab. Finally submit and exit. Do not forget to check the ‘make sure my property is visible to all members box in the finish tab.

How do I find a property on Ezega Real Estate?
* You can use ‘property listings’ from the top menu which lists latest properties for sale or for rent.
* You can also use the Search facility:
o Specify your parameters from the combo boxes in the search box to the right and hit ‘Search’.
o Alternatively you can use ‘Advanced Search’ where you can finetune your search by specifying more parameters.
* After you find a property you are interested in, click ‘View Property’ for details. Available actions after that are sending a message to the owner using PMB (Personal Message Board) or adding the property to your favourites list folder.

How do I View /Edit / Remove my property from Ezega Real Estate?
* Click on the ‘property listing’ button on the right side menu. All available options are listed for each property on a horizontal line. Pick your choice from view, edit, close and delete property options.

How do I know when I have prospective buyers?
* You’ll receive a message on your ‘private message board’. You can check for new messages by clicking ‘My account’ or ‘private message board’ links both of which are located on the left menu.

How do I edit my profile?
* Use the ‘Edit Profile’ button at the left after you login. Fill in your ‘Personal Details’, click next to ‘Preferences’ and finally confirm, save and exit.

How do I change my password?
* Use the ‘Change password’ button at the left after you login. You’ll be asked to enter your old password, your new password and confirm your new password.

I Registered but I cannot login, what do I do?
* If you are registered but you cannot login, it may be due to one of several reasons:
o You did not check your email and click the activation link that was sent to you by Please access your email (such as Yahoo, Google, etc.). Some mailers may consider the email sent by as Spam and put it in the Spam folder, rather than the Inbox. In that case, please check all the Folders on the left of your email menu. Open the email sent by and click the registration confirmation link. That will complete your registration process.
o You provided incorrect passord or username. Please use the Forgot password feature and recover your username/password information.
o You attempted to login many times unsuccessfully and your account has been frozen. Please send email to

All Unanwered Questions
* For all other questions not included in this FAQ, please contat us at .


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