Ethiopia's Beles Power Plant Inaugrated

BelesMay 14, 2010 - Ethiopia's Beles Hydroelectric Power Project constructed at a cost of 7.1 billion birr was inaugurated officially on Friday in the presence of high level officials including PM Meles, reports ENA. The project was launched July 2005 and will have a capacity of 460MW, according to the report. is the largest power plant so far constructed in the country.

Chief Executive Officer of the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, Mihiret Debebe said the project, the third power plant inaugurated this year, indicates prime attention given by the government to the sector.

One of the four turbines of the project has already begun generating 115 Mega Watt, he said.

The CEO said the second turbine will begin generating power next week while the remaining turbines will go fully operational in the coming two months.

The project will raise existing electric power supply by 30 per cent, Mihiret said.

Project manager with the corporation, Eng. Kifle Horo on his part said as Beles is a multipurpose project the water that comes out after producing electric power will be used to develop over 140,000 hectares of land.

He said more than 4,000 workers have participated in the construction of the project. Some 3,800 are Ethiopians while the rest are foreigners from 32 countries.

Eng. Kifle said the project is environment friendly.

Source: ENA


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